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Jun 2014

Wooden Garage Doors – Are They Your Best Bet?Category : Blog

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Wooden Garage Doors – Why You Should Go For the Best

Shopping around for a garage door can be quite challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with what to look for or the factors that define a good door to secure your valuables. Top on the list of course has to be the design style which has to complement your home and safety among other things. Such vital factors are behind the current surge in the popularity of wooden garage doors among many home owners.

There are indeed other types of garage doors made from varying materials such as fiberglass or steel, but it is the wooden doors that have managed to stand out primarily owed to the numerous benefits pinned to them.

Garage Door Style, Design and Customization:

Most home owners must be aware of the fact that the garage door plays a prominent role in defining the overall allure of the home. This is because these doors are usually placed on the front side of a home in most cases. In fact, the type of garage door fitted will significantly increase the value of the house, hence it’s of paramount importance to pick the right one. Compared to other conventional garage door types such as steel garage doors, basic wood garage doors are easily custom built to match varying preferences and home styles.

Wood indeed has always been synonymous with luxury and lavishness and if you happen to pass by your local high-end neighborhood, you are most likely to find wooden garage doors on every home. Every grain and stain has a unique pattern that will distinguish it from the next, making each door unique in its own right, unlike steel garage doors which all have similar patterns or styles. The fact that wood garage doors can be easily painted to match any style or customized to fit any opening makes them even more ideal for any garage, even one with irregularities. There are a wide range of designs and styles on the market such as the arch garage doors, which are proving to be quite a hit.

Garage Door Durability and Safety:

It goes without saying that the durability and safety (which are intertwined) of any product should be a paramount concern. Unlike traditional steel doors or even the more modern fiberglass garage doors, wooden garage doors don’t easily dent. In fact, even the most rowdy kids are highly unlikely scrape or scratch them. This not only guarantees you of numerous years of optimal service and functionality, but also the safety of valuable automobiles.

Garage Door Insulation:

Wood has always been one of the best insulators especially against temperatures and noise. To bluntly put it; it would be in your best interest to fit your home with a wooden garage door if you live in a busy neighborhood full of noise or close to a busy thorough fare. All said, whether you choose to go with the more modern garage doors windows, or arch garage doors, wood garage doors are considered by many to be your best bet, period.