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May 2014

Summer Garage Door Repair & Maintenance tipsCategory : Blog

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As nice as it would be to imagine that once you have installed a garage door opening system, you won’t ever have to deal with the maintenance and every day running of the system. However seasonal changes can interfere with the mechanisms and inner workings. Spring has sprung, temperatures rise and the winter damage to your house and garage door becomes apparent. Now is the time to inspect and fix any potential problems to see you into summer.

The main problem that may occur is warping due to metal parts getting extremely cold or hot. Metal contracts in the cold and expands in the heat. This movement over time can cause bolts and screws to loosen, tracks to get thrown out and the door to potentially stick or hang off center.

There are a few things that you can do yourself to keep things running smoothly. First of all, make it a habit to do a little preemptive work during the colder months, routinely clear any snow and ice from the sensors and mechanical parts to avoid potential failure.

You may find that a little oil will help with stuck rollers, but check first that the tracks have not derailed due to the cold temperatures. Once a year in the warmer months use a spray lubricant on the tracks and hinges to keep things running along smoothly.

Inspect the cables and pulleys for fraying or wear, check for any rust damage if you live near the ocean or your roads get salted during the winter. If anything looks out of place or damaged, it may be time to call in a professional garage door repair company to replace and fix any worn parts.

Give the interior and exterior of the door a good wash to remove build-up of grime accumulated over the winter, this will also enable you to see any cracks or damage that may have affected the door.

You will also have to seek the services of a garage door repair company if you notice that the door is unbalanced due to pulley tension differences, this is of course due to the metal contracting over winter, but it is generally too big and too delicate of a job for the average DIY homeowner to fix.

With a little care and attention to garage door maintenance, you will have a great, functioning garage door system to last you through many years and seasons.