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Jun 2014

Wooden Garage Doors – Are They Your Best Bet?Category : Blog

Wooden Garage Doors - Why You Should Go For the Best Shopping around for a garage door can be quite challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with what to look for or the factors that define a good door to secure your valuables. Top on the list of course has to be the design style which has to complement your home and safety among other things. Such vital factors are behind ... Read more

May 2014

Summer Garage Door Repair & Maintenance tipsCategory : Blog

As nice as it would be to imagine that once you have installed a garage door opening system, you won’t ever have to deal with the maintenance and every day running of the system. However seasonal changes can interfere with the mechanisms and inner workings. Spring has sprung, temperatures rise and the winter damage to your house and garage door becomes apparent. Now is the time to ... Read more

Jan 2013

Winter Garage Door ProblemsCategory : Blog

Tips for keeping your garage door working in tip top conditions during the cold winter months. Garage door repair is one of the necessary things homeowners will need to contend with, especially during the winter months in Austin, TX. The low temperatures from December up until February usually cause these problems due to a variety of reasons. One, the material that garage doors are ... Read more